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re: Drifters Induction Information


(Ted summed it up well so here it is again.  Kat)

Greetings Survivor, and welcome to the Drifters of Fallen Earth.

This induction should have all the information you need to settle into your clan, but if you can think of any questions that aren't addressed here, please feel free to post here, or speak up in clan chat.

What and Who are Drifters?

Drifters is one of the oldest and most respected clans in Fallen Earth, and our reputation is built on the way that we operate in-game (more on that later).
We are an omni-clan, which essentially means that we do not care what faction you are, or intend to be.
We are a laid back and relaxed clan. Our members are free to pursue their own goals, and to walk their own path either alone or together provided they don't break any of the few Drifters Golden Rules (more later). There is no pressure to come to clan events, although it is nice if you can come.
It is hard to define what makes a Drifter clannie. It's a combination of real life and in-game attitude and a certain maturity level. We are a combination of young and old (Ted) as well as geographic spread - yet somehow we operate well together. Those that don't "fit" tend to stick out like a sore thumb, and do not last long.

Drifter Ranks

Drifters, like all clans, use a ranking system that not only denotes some level of progression in the clan, but also defines what a clannie can or cannot do within Drifters. There is a seperate post regarding promotion on Drifter Clan Rankings in the Guides section of the forums, but a summary of clan ranks is below:

Survivor - probation rank. Cannot recruit or withdraw from clan vault
Drifter - the backbone of the clan. Can recruit, but cannot withdraw from clan vault.
Guardian - Officer and vault keepers! Can withdraw from clan vault for you.
Nomad - Drifters officers who have passed a clan test, and are potential clan leaders (according to the Fallen Earth Clan system - whether they want to be or not is a different issue!)
Enigma - The clan leader or first among equals. Current leader is Katiana.

Clan Vaults
The contents of the clan vaults are available to all who can use them. We encourage people to contribute useful items to the clan stock if needed. There is no need, though, to throw anything and everything in there, and even less need to feel you HAVE to contribute if you can't. Look after your own chip count first and sell your crafted or quest reward items. Never deposit Chips in the CV.

We ask that clannies return borrowed armour and arms when they've outgrown them. And please return them fully repaired.

The Clan vaults are structured like this:

Sector - lower level weapons and ammo
Barter - lower level armour
VIP - Materials
Utility - high level arms and armour

If you can use anything in the vault, contact any Drifters officer in clan chat or PM and they will mail it to you. Remember to be polite when asking. Just common courtesy, that's all.

We are not a PvP clan, but some of our members are involved in PvP activities. If you do PvP, bear in mind that some PvP faction clans do not like Omni-clans. They think that they are spies, or cannot be relied on. We are proud in Drifters to be one of the few Omni-clans that are not Kill On Sight by many other PvP clans, but that cannot always be relied on. Be careful not to be dragged into PvP faction politics. Stick with the rules -you can and should kill Drifters of an opposite faction to you if you are teaming with toons from a different clan. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, then go solo.

Always bear in mind the Drifters' golden rules!

Raid call
We use raidcall when we can, or if we want to. It's a free download, and the details are on the welcome message in clan chat.

Clan Chat
This is where most communication takes place with clan members. If you're shy or have nothing to say, that's fine. However, we feel that it is only polite to try and remember to say "Hi" and "Bye" or somesuch when you log in and out.
If you have questions, feel free to air them in chat. Someone may well be able to help you.
You'll find that we are a friendly clan!

Drifters Golden Rules

Drifters have few rules. However, those we do have are non-negotiable and strictly enforced. They are designed to try and reflect the clan values in practical terms - please look at them and have them in your mind whenever you game as a Drifter.

1. No racist, homophobic or sexist activity in clan or any other chat
2. No trolling in clan or any other chat
3. Faction before Clan in PvP unless you're solo!
4. Clan before Faction in all else
5. Treat others in a respectful way. The whole clan benefits from this
6. Always remember you're a Drifter and people know us. Be proud of this, and represent us well

If you can't stick with this, then you won't be in the clan for long.

Above all, enjoy the game. It is fun!

And finally...

Thanks for choosing Drifters. You are the people who make the clan a success, and who keep it going when other clans fall by the wayside.

Peace and respect


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