Drifters is one of the oldest and most respected clans in Fallen Earth, and our reputation is built on the way that we operate in-game (more on that later).
We are an omni-clan, which essentially means that we do not care what faction you are, or intend to be.
We are a laid back and relaxed clan. Our members are free to pursue their own goals, and to walk their own path either alone or together provided they don't break any of the few Drifters Golden Rules (more later). There is no pressure to come to clan events, although it is nice if you can come.
It is hard to define what makes a Drifter clannie. It's a combination of real life and in-game attitude and a certain maturity level. We are a combination of young and old as well as geographic spread - yet somehow we operate well together. Those that don't "fit" tend to stick out like a sore thumb, and do not last long.